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Pie Face Challenge

CHALLENGE TAKEN: Hold a pie face challenge for the whole office, family or group of friends. We are raising money to support essential research to find a cure for Vanishing White Matter disease.

Please complete the challenge by:

Why $7? Because our founders’ son Sam vs. VWM turned 7 on August 30th! Don’t forget to tag the VWM Families Foundation so we can see and share your videos and use our hashtags #VWMpieface #7forSam

“In our grief, we hope we will remember that it was worth it; that our children were worth it. The joy, meaning and purpose that our child brought into our lives will ultimately be worth the pain.”

– Allyson Buck and the VWM Families

Will you help us?

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Shop at Smile.Amazon.Com and select VWM Families Foundation

The VWM Families Foundation, Inc is a registered

501(c)(3) charitable organization